Inspired by what (fortunately) turned out to be just a funny yet stressful incident this past week, I wanted to talk about having awareness of our energy levels. it can benefit us greatly not to push our limits with what we take on or pack into our schedules if we aim to maintain our health, wellbeing, and stamina. Yet that can be challenging when things are picking up speed and we want to try to do it all. Most of us have experienced that crash and burn when we ride the full steam ahead mode into collapse. And although sometimes we need to just hit that wall in order to take a reprieve and reflect on what hasn’t been working, we can also learn how to prevent these experiences in the future.

On this week’s Divine Feminine solo episode I offer an overview of the cycle of going 100 miles an hour leading to eventual crash & burn then doing it all over again. How can we monitor our energy levels better to honor when we need to slow down, rest, or take some space for ourselves? I also share how when we do crash & burn we can use it as a time to reflect, consider, and begin to make changes to honor our Divine Feminine need for consideration and gentleness with ourselves, releasing the need to try and do it all.

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