Mercury Retrograde gets a lot of attention and flack. And a lot of the time it’s for good reason. It is common to hit some challenges or snafus with communication, technology, travel plans, and beyond. Yet MR can also do us some big favors. Think of it as the time to clean house before you host a whole new experience in your life. The new is coming and the Universe wants you to be at your best. And although cleaning out the inner and outer gunk isn’t always fun or easy, it is worth it.

On this Identify & Heal solo episode, I encourage you to embrace the Mercury Retrograde that will take us to the end of this year and into the magnificent year of 2024. To allow yourself to use it as a blessed opportunity to see what tendencies, fears, or sadness is still lingering within & keeping you from being at your optimal level of self confidence, assuredness, and self love & acceptance. It’s about time to saddle up and ride into a whole new adventure, perhaps your greatest one yet, so let’s put to rest the old hang ups and look forwards towards our bright future!

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