There is a single daily habit which can completely change each and every experience and interaction in our lives. Are you ready for it? Come from love. That’s it. Allow yourself to come from a place of love in everything you do. Simple as that. Yet as simple as it may be, it can feel extremely difficult and damn near impossible when we are blocked with feelings of anger, resentment, and self loathing. This is where a coach like Amber Barlaktari can come in to help. Amber is an Integrative Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Coach who focuses on empowering people with autoimmune disorders, as this has been one of her greatest life challenges. Amber understands the need to love, trust, and listen to your body in order to have greater peace and a more open heart. 

On this episode, Amber shares about the many ways she has learned to come from love in her life including in har polyamorous relationships with 2 life partners. Amber is writing the book, Always Come From Love in Everything You Say & Do, Even to Yourself, with one of her life partners. She shares 3 tips on how to come from love using the Divine Feminine approach and shares about how her journey to self love and acceptance of all parts of her life have gotten her to a place of health, wholeness, and appreciation for exactly who she is and the gifts she has to offer. 

Amber Bariaktari went from being disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis to now not being disabled and thriving and now she’s an Integrative Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Coach helping to empower people with RA or another autoimmune diseases to  lower their symptoms and disease activity by using an integrative approach and working with their bio-individuality. Amber is also a long time producer, writer, director for film and web series as well as she unschools her 12 year old daughter and is a gentle positive attachment parent. Amber is a Taoist as well as she is polyamorous and has two life partners. She is a 4/6 manifestor and has been learning more and more about human design and she is finally starting to understand herself better. Amber truly feels she’s always been part of this new paradigm that has been unfolding before us in more recent years because she’s never been in a box or has ever had a lane that she stays in and she’s always an open book quietly, or being herself, which she feels educates people or helps plant seeds in them for their own growth and understanding and helping the world at large learn to come from love in everything that they say and do, even to themselves.