Have you always dreamed of meeting your True Love, Soul Mate, Divine Life Partner? Someone who really sees you, gets you, appreciates and loves you just as you are? Ya. Me too. So with my focus and intention set on finding such perfectly aligned love, why do I keep ending up in unfulfilling, disappointing, and ego crushing situationships time and again? If this is a conversation you’ve had with yourself, this episode might help to shed some light on why we tend to gravitate towards and seek out relationships and romantic connections with people who will only hurt, use, and potentially manipulate us. It’s all based on who is in the drivers seat; is it your soul or your trauma?

On this solo episode I offer some psychoeducation around the influence that our emotional wounding (trauma) has on how and why we pursue certain romantic connections. I then offer a few tips on how you can begin to observe when this tendency comes up, check in with yourself  before acting on it, and begin to focus more on your higher self (Soul) needs to heal trauma and align with an actual viable partnership. 

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Whitney Walker, LMFT
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