If there is one thing I’m eager to ask people about these days it’s, how did you find your Soul Mate!? As someone on the pursuit, I’m so curious how people actually do it! Luckily for me, some of my favorite people HAVE met their Soul Companions and share their story as a part of their work. One such individual has been a past guest and is a treasured friend, Amanda Monier. I’ve loved watching Amanda’s work evolve and develop in the past year since we first connected and she guested on the show. Amanda is a Multidimensional Healer, Founder of the Juicy Love Academy, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, holds a Masters Degree in Business, NPC Bikini Athlete, Breathwork Facilitator, Host of The Love & Power Podcast, Published Author {Female Entrepreneur’s Playbook}, + Certified Yoga Teacher.

On this episode, Amanda shares about her new programs, The Juicy Love Academy & Receiving the King, designed to guide Women on their journey to connecting with their Divine match. She shares the secret that will change everything for you with men and explains how to release emotional collapse and re-template your energy field. Amanda also explains womb attachments and why this is the a game changer and how the relationship you have with your body plays into your romantic relationships & the caliber of men you call in. 

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Amanda is passionate about supporting powerful, successful women release repeat cycles of pain with men & LEAP into their most BADASS version at RAPID speed. Amanda is here to support you in the full restoration of the Divine Relationship Template and calling in EPIC JUICY LOVE. 

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