There is no doubt that a grand awakening is happening on our planet, ushering in a Golden Age for Humanity. Exciting, right??  And the kicker is that the new Divine Feminine rising will bring about this revolution. Which is why it is so powerful for Women to Waken at this time! (see what I did there?) My guest this week is perfect for getting us Divine Feminine ladies pumped for all that is to come. Jennifer Ashira Ra is a Divine Channel, High Priestess Initiator, and Master New Age Leader. Her Mission is to Activate the New Codes of Humanity for the New Golden Age. She assists Divine Females to connect with their soul gifts and mastery within to open new doors for all of us.

On this episode, Jennifer and I have an enlightened conversation about how the New Divine Feminine is rising at this time, why  activating your original soul codes can change the course of your life & the shift on our Planet, and why community and coming together is so important right now.

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Jennifer Ashira Ra left her successful 7 figure Clothing Brand to follow her soul’s true calling + mission. She helps Divine Feminine Leaders + Visionaries unlock their full sacred potential activating their soul codes, highest life path & divine purpose. Creating a tidal wave of planetary awakening opening the New Golden Age. She has Activated 1000’s to open their highest codes & will activate millions. Founder of the Light Priestess Temple Global Community + New Divine Feminine Leaders Academy. She travels to sacred sites on the planet activating the new leylines, temples of light and gathering the New Leaders of Light on Earth.

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Instagram: @jennifer_ashirara