Using Astrology, Numerology and Tarot to discover your Life mission & purpose has been a practice as old as Humanity. Yet to this day the majority of people don’t utilize or recognize these resources. And of course it’s anyones choice to do so yet for those who are curious, it’s good to know a few strong guides in these matters. That’s where my guest this week comes in, Mary Jo Cranmore. As a Tarot reader, Numerology enthusiast, and Intuitive Astrologer for over 25 years, Mary Jo has integrated all of these tools and disciplines together into a method of understanding deep-rooted patterns and truths that light each seeker’s path forward into transformation. 

On this week’s guest episode I geek out a bit on having my first big Youtube tarot reader on the show ( 333K subscribers!) and getting to ask all the questions I’ve wondered about watching Youtube readers over the years. (Like just how much time goes into keeping up their release schedule and is it lucrative??) Mary Jo graciously answers all my questions and then shares about her forte on Intuition & how it speaks to us, how astrology can make us powerful, Twin flame connections & working with the connection, & of course Tarot & channeling spirit guides. We also get into some deeper explorations of the future of Humanity and the changes taking place in our World at this time.

Mary Jo Cranmore is an Intuitive Astrologer and Spiritual Path healer who works to help people understand their mission in this life and bring their futures into sharp focus. She is passionate about connecting the dots that astrology lays before us and using that information to create true, lasting happiness.

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