It’s always a blessing to have people come into your life to share their gifts with you. My dear friend Corry MacDonald ( offered to do an Angel Channeling session with me this past week and WOW was it ever incredible. The experience¬† gave an extra push in my perspective shift. As humans can get so caught up in our stories about the role people play in our lives and how we believe people feel about us. We forget we have no way to know what’s really true in another’s heart. Sometimes it takes someone passing over for them to truly be able to express what was in their heart the whole time they knew you. Corry was able to illuminate this and more for me so I had to share with you all the story and revelations that came through!

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I share about my experience of having an Angel Channeling session with Corry and how it opened both of our understandings about the reciprocal relationship we have with our Angels. I also explain my surprise awareness that the people who are on the other side cheering you on the most might really surprise you!

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