Happy Friday! And welcome to Aries Season! It’s time to celebrate because we’ve escaped the 8 Swords of Self Entrapment, hurray! And now we begin the work of navigating the World being mindful of how we’re responding to our environments, situations & people. And also beginning to choose what we will & will not tolerate in terms of the jobs, living situations, relationships, friendships, colleagues and otherwise in our life that are proving to be unhealthy for us.

On this Identify & Heal solo episode, I offer some thoughts on the difference between the things that can heal us versus hurt us when it comes to recovering from past traumas and beliefs. The difference being that when people or experiences are reminiscent of past trauma (echoes) yet are not actually harmful, it can aid us in releasing stored energy & emotions. When a person or situation is in fact hurtful and re-opening a wound and adding more trauma-based emotions and energy it is important to align with our Divine Feminine self love and steer clear to continue on our journey to unconditional love and regard for ourselves.

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