Breaking up is hard to do. It can be absolutely brutal when a relationship comes to an end leaving us feeling like a life force we’ve come to know and enjoy has just disappeared. There can be a lot of crying, deep sadness, confusion, questions, and intense longing to reconnect with our lost love. The more connected with our Divine Feminine self we are the less of an impact these endings have, because our worth and emotional well being isn’t as tied up in other people. Yet we’re still Human and it can be a struggle anytime you lose love. The question of this episode is… is what you’re feeling really heart break or just an ego bruise?

On this episode I share what I mean by ego bruising and distinguish between a connection based in ego, fear, and deficit compared to one based in love, security, and feelings of safety. Hint; one relates to the Divine Feminine and the other to codependency.

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