We’re all dreaming of our True Love coming into our lives, if we haven’t already met them. Yet for many of us, rather than finding True Love we find ourselves getting into one unhealthy relationship after another where we don’t feel honored, respected, or fully seen. Nor are we truly conducting ourselves at our bests. So, what’s the deal? Well today’s guest, Author & Clinical Trauma Professional Silvia Araya points out that as long as we have unresolved trauma, that part of ourselves will continue seeking a way to heal through validation from poor sources. Sylvia bases her work on how healing and loving ourselves is the one true path to our Divine Soulmate relationship.

On this episode, Silvia shares her personal story of losing herself for many years in toxic, abusive relationships to meeting the man of her dreams after deciding she was completely OK on her own. Together we explore this phenomenon of seeking love and healing from the exact source that caused it; people and situations that made us feel unloveable. Then we get into the good stuff of how we can come to reclaim ourselves and realize that only we can give ourselves the love and nourishment that we so desperately need.
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Silvia is a Clinical Trauma Professional and Numerologist. She studied Psychology, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Family Constellations, Bach Flower Therapy, among many. Her first book (Trust and live without Panic) is about her own experience with panic attacks and anxiety and how she developed her way to heal with a combination of techniques with a spiritual touch.


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