I am very excited to be bringing an expert onto The Women Waken Podcast to talk about one of the most sacred and profound acts any woman can engage in. Bringing life into this world and loving, nurturing, and raising it. Elisabeth Stitt is a Teacher, award-winning parent educator, and author of Parenting as a Second Language. She founded Joyful Parenting Coaching to give parents the skills they need to create harmonious homes. With over 50,000 hours working with youths, Elisabeth has seen it all: all kinds of kids, all kinds of parents. Because parenting is a skill that can be taught, learned and practiced, Elisabeth believes 100% that every parent can work to create the connected relationships with kids that garner their cooperation and allow kids to thrive. Through her talks, workshops and webinars, Elisabeth brings her
warmth and wisdom to parents all over the world. On this episode, Elisabeth and I discuss how parents can learn to tap into their own unique natural strengths and abilities. Recognizing what their most effective style of parenting is as opposed to what might work best for others. Elisabeth offers very helpful tips on how to handle specific situations with defiant kids, unruly households, and how find time for fun and enjoyment within the family. 

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