It is quite the curious position we find ourselves in when in this day and age Women at large are still not sufficiently educated about their bodies or more specifically about their monthly menstruating. Beyond that many Women are still in the dark about what’s normal when it comes to their period, vaginas, or how to work with them. This is exactly why we need more resources on the topic of Women’s reproductive health. This week’s guest is here to tell us how she took the initiative and did just that. Jesica Medellin is the creative author of First Moon Manual: Letters to Our Daughters, a compilation of letters, art, and poetry about menstruation, inspired by her own daughter and her menstruation journey.

On this guest episode Jesica and I have a lively chat around the absurdity of how mysterious and scrutinized Women’s periods remain in our society and how we can continue to change that. Jesica shares her inspiration behind the First Moon Manual, a period nightmare story, & how we address ourselves when it comes to menstruation. We also dive into her manual and pick out some favorite portions of poems, journaling prompts, & educational facts.

J.M. Medellin is an author, speaker, and a mom. Medellin has a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction Design from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication/Journalism with a minor in Technical Writing from Weber State University. She is a 2023 Utah Humanities Book Festival featured author. Medellin is passionate about helping women feel informed, empowered, and positive about themselves, every part to include their menstrual cycle. She believes that menstruation is a natural and beautiful part of being a woman, and she wants to help young women celebrate their bodies and their cycles.

Jesica is planning additional manuals for which she will be taking submissions for new moms, marriage, divorce, menopause, and embracing our sexuality as women. You can contact her at

Learn more about Jesica and find her manual here:

Insta @jmmedellin or @firstmoonmanual