I’m carrying on what has become the theme for episodes this week, LOVE! And what better theme could there be? What came up today was the idea of Love as your superpower. What would it mean to release all doubts and fears about yourself, your potential, and your destiny and allow your pure light and love to shine? To be a LUMINOUS WARRIOR we must release the preoccupation with the idea that there is something wrong with us. There’s nothing wrong with you! You’re amazing, incredible, powerful, and courageous enough to blaze your own trail so lets go!

On this Identify & Heal solo episode, I share about the gorgeous oracle I pulled from the amazing Mystical Shaman Oracle deck (link below) called the Luminous Warrior. The description inspired me to pair it with the other theme for this episode, letting Love be your SUPERPOWER. I also of course share several quotes and inspiration to walk your path & be true to your self. To inspire the World and put your own unique message and work out for others to gain greater enlightenment, peace, & freedom.

Mystical Shaman Oracle, https://www.hayhouse.com/mystical-shaman-pocket-oracle-cards

The Dark Side Of The Light Chasers; https://store.debbieford.com/product_info.php?products_id=9

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