Anyone who knows me, knows you can win over my heart with some good plant-based food. Miranda Ganci did just that when I stayed with her at her lovely airbnb in Northern California. She cooked up a variety of mushrooms and it was fantastic! As Miranda informs me on the show, I am a Mycophile, A Mushroom devotee! Maybe you are too! Miranda is an agriculturist, Plant Pathologist, and advocate for land stewardship, sustainable agriculture, and Climate and Ecological justice. Her dream is to one day grow all her own food and help educate children and all people on how to be more mindful of our environment, sustainability, and being a steward of the land. She is doing many of these things now as she shares about on this episode. Miranda and I have a fun-gi filled chat about the state of things in our world in terms of environment, food waste, convenience culture, and how to start turning things around for a better future and a happier planet. 

Miranda Ganci loves learning, interacting with people, cooking, eating mushrooms, and checking things off of the to do list. She is constantly trying to find the balance between being productive and simply being. Miranda spent the majority of 2021 travelling across the United States. Prior to that she used her Plant Pathology skills to identify plant diseases and study disease management techniques in the plant health department at Driscoll’s, the berry company. Today, she is the garden educator at Freedom Elementary and is having a grand time teaching and learning from the students.

You can learn more about Miranda here:
IG: @ratherbeoutsidemg