Sleep is integral to our health as well as our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. So when we experience difficulty with our sleep we feel the impact throughout our days. There are many causes for sleep issues including anxiety, physiological issues, PTSD, hormonal imbalance, and so many more. With the complexity and importance of this topic, we could use an expert to help us out. A good friend of mine and previous co-worker, Paul Bright, is a Certified Sleep Science Coach who has made it the focus of his work to help guide those who are lost in the sleep disorder maze. On this episode, Paul and I enjoy catching up and exploring some root causes of sleep struggles, what good sleep hygiene is, and why sleep has the ultimate ROI. As a leadership coach, Paul also offers ideas about the most important qualities of a leader and how even the busiest of business leaders can still prioritize sleep. 


Paul Bright is a Certified Sleep Science Coach who has recently returned to North Carolina after living 16 years in the San Francisco Bay area. Paul’s journey to serving in community mental health began at the end of his 10-year Active Duty Air Force career and throughout 7 years as a Federal Civilian.Through graduate school and beyond, Paul has worked with veterans, homeless with severe mental health disorders, and foster children. His roles include direct therapy, case management, coordination of services, and state-level program implementation.

Paul  was inspired to become a sleep science coach after battling several sleep disorders that started during his military career; and also those who were closest to him. After seeing clients and fellow providers trying to navigate the world while sleep-deprived, Paul developed a holistic, strength-based approach towards helping others get the sleep they deserve.

You can visit Paul’s site and learn more about him here!
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