It’s pretty fun to hang out with a Modern Medicine Woman. They share all their tinctures and homemade kombuchas with you and tell fascinating stories of plant medicine journeys! Jennifer Aldoretta and I visited Asheville, North Carolina where we had this beautiful conversation to explore many topics including the challenges and transformation of travel, the true nature of death within life, transition, and her unique perspective of trauma running the tech industry. Jennifer “Bird” Aldoretta is a guide and healer who helps women ignite their own inner medicine woman. She seamlessly blends the scientific and the mystical in her work, specializing in period and hormonal health, breathwork, healing yoga, and trauma healing to help women find lasting wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. Having overcome a lifetime of reproductive issues, chronic pain, severe trauma, and mental health challenges, Jennifer is the archetypical “wounded healer”. She loves supporting women as they uncover the joyful, integrated being that lies dormant within them.

Jennifer is the founder of Groove and the host of The Conscious Pussy podcast. You can learn more about her and work with her here:

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