We each have many gifts that lay hidden beneath the surface. Ones that often go overlooked or undiscovered. There is also great joy, pleasure, and fun that we keep ourselves from truly embracing and stepping into. Karen Meadows wishes to helps others to fire up their fun, freedom, and flourishing in life by harnessing the gifts of their soul and expressing them into the world; being definitive and action oriented while respecting ourselves, our values, our needs, and desires from our heart-center. Embracing all experiences of life as a gift and growth opportunity rather than a burden or curse. 

Karen and I have a lovely conversation about getting curious about our psychic abilities, intuition, and using an abundance of tools to align with our highest good, gifts, and intuitive guidance. Karen shares her first hand experience of taking the plunge and embracing rather than denying her gifts and in doing so moving into a place of great peace, joy, and life satisfaction. Her intuition has led her to a life filled with expressive art, traveling, and following her guidance on her life path.

Karen Jones Meadows is a transformation-catalyst and award-winning artist creating in the arenas of theatre, mass media, and visual art.  A “practical psychic,” she works individually with people to effect lasting change, and facilitates empowering workshops for participants of every age and background.  Karen recently launched, PLAY FOR LIFE, Fire-Up Your Fun, Freedom, & Flourish, a personalized series of emailed action-adventures and one-on-one intuitive support, that helps each person navigate and embody the maze and amazement that is their unique life.

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