There is an increasing frequency of people on our planet who are feeling the call to ask bigger questions about the way we live, why, and if it could be different. Many voices are stepping forward to speak their vision of how these questions can be answered and how many our issues can be resolved. Amanda Monier is one of these remarkable individuals who has experienced their own awakening of the soul and has courageously begun to talk about it through her podcast and with her clients. Amanda is a Holistic Healer, New Earth Visionary, Mentor, Podcaster, Published Author, + Certified Yoga Teacher. Amanda and I were fast friends as soon as we were introduced and began chatting, quickly realizing we are kindred souls if not fellow Starseeds. On this episode, we discuss our personal experiences with Dark Nights of the Soul and spiritual awakenings, stepping out of fear and into your life’s purpose, inner child healing, The “matrix”, Energy Work/healing, Spirituality, & Conscious Creation.

Amanda knows she is here to assist with the anchoring in of New Earth and Oneness consciousness—the veil is thin + the old way simply
does not work any longer. She has a passion for supporting people + meeting them where they are at in their journey. Amanda transitioned into her soul work from a career in law enforcement after feeling the nudge to go all in on herself. She believes in each of us activating our inner healer and healing through connection to our own Divinity. Amanda is completely committed reminding others that everything they ever needed was always inside.

You can contact Amanda and learn more about here here!
IG: @amandamonnier