Tantra is an ancient spirituality with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. One aspect of Tantra is sacred sexuality. Tantric full body orgasm is the spiritual expansion of immense pleasure in every part of your body instead of just in the genitals. Sounds pretty appealing, no? The orgasmic Dakini Raven works as a Tantra practitioner to assist couples and individuals in experiencing this next level of intimacy and pleasure.  In her coaching, Raven explains how full-body orgasms last much longer than traditional forms of ejaculation or release and may feel more like riding a wave of energy rather than just an intense “explosive” feeling. Raven’s teaching include mastering sexual energy, which is an ancient spiritual practice that feels like waves of pleasure rolling through your body. It is the greatest expression of sacred divinity. Raven helps people see that experiencing full body orgasm means more confidence, better connection, better communication, and deeper sexual satisfaction.  

On this episode, Raven and I have way too much fun discussing the expansion of our sexuality, the many forms of the Female orgasm, full body orgasms, orgasming from breath or a breeze, and how to begin a tantra practice at home with your partner, yourself, and orgasm your way through life!

Raven, creator of the Couples Three Hour Tantric Date Night Blueprint, is a Certified Tantra Practitioner, Certified Food & Spirit Chakra Practitioner, Reiki Holy Fire Master, and Energy Medicine specialist. She is a clinical psychology student pursuing her doctorate in Sexology furthering her 5 Pathways To Pleasure research – a tantric-influenced neuropsychology approach set out to prove how orgasm, sex, and empowered self-expression are essential for lasting relationships.  Raven studied Neuropsychology at UC Berkeley researching how to rewire brain synapsis using tantric practices such as breath, sound, and movement. She teaches this groundbreaking 5 Pathways to Pleasure™ to couples and individuals all over the world. Raven hosts events such as Goddess Dance Classes for arousal and pleasure, Couples 3 Hour Tantric Date Night Blueprint, Foundations for How to Achieve Full Body Orgasms and Female Ejaculation. She is currently based in Los Angeles and West Palm Beach, FL. 

You can learn more about Raven and work with her here:

IG – @tantrawithraven