There are a lot of buzz words in the Feminine empowerment realm, yet what do they really mean? Words like embodiment, burn out, sensuality, and authenticity. Well, the truth is that we all feel and experience them in different ways to some degree, yet how each person feels them depends on how connected they are with their true, sovereign self. And how do we do that? Feminine Embodiment and Leadership Coach, Sophia Le Page is here to set things straight. Sophia is a Rebel Queen who has traveled the globe in search of deeper meaning, fulfillment, and a True Love relationship with herself.  On this episode, Sophia and I get into the flow about the meaning of these terms, how women can reclaim their desire and pleasure, avoid burnout, and embrace themselves to become embodied and fully themselves. We talk about the difference between having what you thought you wanted and truly experiencing full acceptance of yourself. 

Sophia is a Rebel Queen, NLP Practioner & Feminine Embodiment + Leadership Coach. She has dedicated the past 4 years to helping women around the world release Good Girl Guilt, reclaim pleasure & desire, revive their feminine radiance & rise as Rebel Queens. In her 30s, after burnout & a messy divorce, Sophia broke free from Good Girl programming, ignited her feminine magnetism & began leading herself from a place of desire. She traveled with Shamans, sat with Gurus, studied the Esoteric & Tantric Arts & met her 2nd husband on the Ecstatic Dance-floor in Bali, Indonesia 




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