Regret is not inherently a bad thing to experience. In its initial stage regret can enable us to realize that we do not prefer the choice or action we made in a situation and would act differently in the future. Regret can keep us chained to the past, however, if we feel unable to learn from it, release it, and move on. Easier said than done sometimes, especially if we feel that something we did or didn’t do changed the course of our lives. So how do we sit with this regret? Make peace with our past and perceived mistakes? it’s not always simple and lived regret can feel like torture.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I wanted to address the topic of regret and how to release it. What it can feel like in our minds, bodies, and emotions and how it can weigh us down and keep us feeling apart from our Divine Feminine selves. I share some of my own experience with regret and struggles to let it go. Then I get into how we can make small steps towards making peace with our past decisions, see every experience in our lives as a pivotal piece of our greater growth and evolution, and open ourselves up to fully live our lives free from codependent hang ups.

Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid,

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