A true sense of Serenity is akin to the Divine. To know peace. To feel a wave of calmness fill your body. This reminds us of what resides at the center of each of us. The eye of the storm within that, regardless of the illusion of distress and chaos in our lives, keeps perfectly still and peaceful. We often don’t feel a sense of serenity in our lives as we’ve complicated things so much here on this planet. Overwhelming ourselves into believing there is so much we need to be safe and serene. yet, is that true?

On this week’s Divine Feminine solo episode I’m riding on the tailwinds of the popular guest episode from last week with author, Jake Eagle. His guidance for finding Awe anywhere and everywhere around you in microdoses throughout your day really landed with listeners. I wanted to continue on that note with how we can allow ourselves to seek serenity and peace within as our primary focus and source of fulfillment. From there is where everything else falls into place, naturally. I also speak to how the way to serenity is to simplify and ground. Be in stillness, quiet, & distraction free settings to allow yourself to root into that peaceful core within.

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