You’ve always had the power, My Dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.

Underneath layers of fear, doubt, & judgement about ourselves lies the core truth of who we are. The intelligence, gifts, and abilities which we have always had yet so often deny and bury under insecurities instilled by life. Yet the tides are turning and it is time for all of us to remember who we are, drop the fears, and step into our power. It may not be seamless, there will be setbacks, yet if you just keep moving forward something truly remarkable awaits.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode, I explore some more themes that have been coming up for 2024 including it being a time for shedding the layers of old beliefs and fears that weigh us down to reveal our strengths. When we can focus more on these strengths, everything changes. We begin to develop a steel like faith in ourselves so that we no longer falter and deny our true light when faced with challenges or adversity. To know your own brilliance and allow yourself to shine!

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