I’ve been very torn about starting a blog. Clearly, because I planned to start one when I first launched my website back in August of 2020. When I sat down to write I post I would think, “who has time to read blogs? Who really wants to read them? How tedious it can be to try and read over everything that is offered online these days. However, I also believe in using our voice to offer the sentiments and ideas that we consider to be of importance. That have the potential to reach others and offer comfort, guidance, and hope. I’ve been working very hard these past few years building Women Waken. It is now a business, a support group, and a podcast. All of which are outlets where myself and others can share what they believe can contribute to creating a greater World with more love and less fear. So here I am, getting started today. And that’s all I’ve got. I’ll be writing blogs related to some of the topics from my podcast and hitting on some of my favorite topics such as the Divine Feminine, wellness, empowerment, addiction, healing, self acceptance, confidence, self esteem, freedom, abundance, healthy relationships, good sex, and on and on! There is so much I would love to talk about with you. Thank you for checking in, I hope you’ll be back. Please leave any feedback you have or requests for specific topics.

With Bliss,