I recorded this episode on Leap day 2024! Perfect day to speak about leaping into the Unknown. I’m including this as one of the swords of self entrapment because of the the two fold way that the Unknown keeps us bound, both emotionally & in situations in our lives. People will often remain stuck in jobs, relationships, communities, friendships, & lifestyles because their afraid that there might not be something better out there if they leave. And others will fall into a sense of despair when losing faith that things will work out for them, feeling lost not knowing what is to come.

On this Identify & Heal solo episode I explore this concept of the unknown and how it can leave so many of us paralyzed by fear & unable to take risks for a better life. Holding ourselves back from pursuing the dreams held deep in our hearts and aligned with out soul’s path. How many people will justify staying in an unhealthy, unfulfilling, & unhappy place to remain in what at least seems safe & familiar. I discuss the cost of this sword, what lies on the other side of taking that leap of faith, & how the Universe will always conspire to help us when we’re ready to reach our full potential.

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