Not everyone is into with the more esoteric concepts and ideas about life, reality, and our Soul’s voyage through the Cosmos. Well, let me tell you, I sure am! Which is why I was stoked to connect with the cosmic, Jenny Zakrzewski. Jenny is a Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Mentor, and Business Coach. She founded Starseed Academy in 2019 with the Starseed Academy YouTube channel, where she guides Souls through their Awakening. She is very attuned to the understanding of our Soul’s gifts & activation, the Soul’s evolution, & the language of the Clairs. She understands that beyond our views of life & reality lye deeper truths and knowings, the grasping of which can transform how we as Humanity see ourselves and live our lives.

On this guest episode I have an absolute blast getting into some of my favorite subject matters, Starseeds and psychic abilities! The notion of Starseeds first came into my life by “coincidence” years ago with guidance & encouragement to learn about Pleiadians and Arcturians. I then unsurprisingly began to meet several people, like Jenny, who also felt aligned with belonging to the Starseed community. Jenny and I have a galactic conversation around ascending into your highest self & frequency, quantum healing, the power & magnetism of authenticity, & elevating your work into a Soul empire.

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As a Psychic Mentor, Jenny is training her students to discover and master their Soul Gifts with her signature psychic development program, Psychic Light.

As a Spiritual Business Mentor, she is empowering Spiritual Entrepreneurs to elevate their business into their Soul Empire, one that aligns to their purpose for being on Earth and to their Highest Self Frequency, through her Starseed CEO programs.

The Starseed Academy Divine Mission is to support Awakening Souls as we create the New Earth Paradigm together.

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