“A loving heart is the truest Wisdom.” -Charles Dickens

As someone who, despite being almost a decade onto my spiritual path STILL struggles with deep rooted core false concepts about myself and life, I get a little frustrated at times. Wondering if I can ever really heal enough to have the higher experiences of life, love, and abundance that I dream about. Which is why I was grateful to discover this new practice of talking to your heart to establish a new message that you can hold there. And I’ve been enjoying and benefiting it from it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you!

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I share about this practice of dropping into your heart and telling it a new story. Then repeating this message over and over again until deeply believe it, in your heart not your mind. Because the heart is what then tells the mind what is true/ not true. The heart can then begin to attune the rest of your cells in your body to this new story. And THIS is what can shift your destiny! To a higher path of greater peace, joy, and love. YES! I also offer the benefits of having a clear & open heart and ways to ask questions of your heart when old fears pop up.

Doing The Thing: How Finding Your Shine Will Brighten Our World – Quade, Dana E.

Hello My Old Heart, The Oh Hellos

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