My explorations of the North East took me to Salem, Massachusetts this past week for Halloween. The energy and feel of the place gave me heightened inspiration to dive into my Divine Feminine magic. To forget what anyone might say and to be radical, be a rebel, follow my heart because we have work to finish, ladies! For those who don’t know, the Salem Witch trials that occurred in the 1650’s are a famous account of the witch hunts thats took place around the globe and ultimately left millions of (mostly) Women dead. Nowadays, if we are fortunate enough to live in a free and progressive nation, we don’t have to worry about being burned at the stake or hung in the town square for speaking our truth and having ideas. I believe that’s why so many women are feeling the call to get into their Witchy feminine side.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode, I share about my experience in Salem and my thoughts on why it’s so imperative for Women to embrace their true nature, follow their intuition, and be courageous in stepping forward with their words and ideas whose time have come. 

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