We did it ya’ll! Made it to the final 8th Sword of the 8 Swords of Self Entrapment. I feel pretty excited about it. What did everyone think of this series, would you like to see more like it? I enjoyed it and the opportunity it provided to hit on what I feel is so pivotal to this year of 2024, BREAKING FREE & Reclamation. Now is the time to move out of doubt, old patterns, & and stories and it all begins with releasing the Past.

On this Identify & Heal solo episode I’m pulling that final 8th Sword from the stone setting us free from all these fears. And truly the 8th Sword of The Past contains within it all the other swords. Because most of our constraints and bondage comes from beliefs, fears, and experiences born from our personal history AKA, The Past. Telling ourselves the same stories, playing small, holding back, not taking chances, lacking faith that love, success, & happiness can be ours. All fueled by experiences and messages from our Past. It’s time to put it behind us once and for all and claim the remarkable, Divine Feminine life that is rightfully ours.

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