Someone once said that aging isn’t for the faint of heart. Aging can indeed be challenging and intimidating. Especially for Women. With so much focus on our looks and the reactions we elicit from the opposite sex, it can be hard to go gently into that dark night and embrace getting older. Watching our physical appearance change and possibly feel less noticed and revered. Yet, do we really lose value as we get older? My guest this week, Dana Irvine, joins us this week to say, absolutely not! There is a radiance and wisdom to Women of a certain age. They tend to become more comfortable with themselves, learn how to understand what they want and ask for it, and care less about what other people think and more about what brings them peace and joy.

On this episode, Dana shares a great deal about her work of helping Women get proactive through their body, mind, spirit, and emotions to have the best possible experience of moving into mid and later life. Dana explains the 4 pillars of health, the value of embracing change, and how we can get more in touch with ourselves, our sexuality, and our joy so we can se aging as the beautiful, sacred process it is.

Dana is a mother of three young adults and has been married for 27 years. She has been a professional hospitality and event planner for several years but felt the need to create and coach healthier lifestyles for women. The true awakening of Dana’s journey happened in 2018 when her sister was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and passed. Life spun out of control – the why – the how – what were the signs? Finally, her mission on how to coach women about prevention and to recognize health challenges to live life to the fullest potential. Dana’s insightfulness and compassion for women shines through her life as a coach, friend, mother and wife and her passion to live her life with purpose, speaking
about topics such as sex, menopause, marriage, family, and women’s health. Dana is the host of Wise Divine Women Podcast.

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