Intuition is the guidance of our Soul. It is one of the most powerful tools that we could ever imagine. Yet so few learn to work with it and come to respect & honor it. Intuition is an inherent Divine Feminine gift and the more we begin to cultivate the ability to listen to our inner knowing, the sooner new ways of being and living in the World will be possible. My guest this week, Emma Andrews, wants to help more Women to connect with their intuition as use it as their greatest Super Power to have a greater experience of joy, peace, & love in life.

On this guest episode, Emma shares her story of finding herself being able to communicate with passed over loved ones as a child. How this led her to realize her intuitive potential and come to embrace it rather than fear it. Together we discuss the exciting prospect of more people learning to trust themselves, their gut instinct, & their own wisdom which leads to a decrease in fear, self doubt, insecurity, and competition and a shift into greater love and cooperation.

Emma Andrews is a highly-acclaimed Medium and Intuition Teacher. She is the co-founder of the wellness company Energy Wellness LLC, helping individuals create positive transformation in their lives through somatic experiencing and intuition coaching. In addition to working with individuals, she also leads luxury retreats, teaches at festivals and is the creator of the popular online course “The Intuitive Method”. You can sign up for a class or Intuitive Session at or follow her on instagram @emmarews

Here is the link for The Intuitive Method course that begins Jan. 15th:

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