If you live in the US then the topic of gratitude and thankfulness has been bountiful in the past week. Yet in general, the end of the year and holiday season around the World can be a time for reflection and appreciation. As life slows down a little bit before we start all over again in a New Year, we often share our time with loved ones and have the opportunity to think about what matters most to us & the moments, events, and achievements thaata we feel the most grateful for from the commencing year.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I take a moment to focus on the experience of gratitude and share how I’ve found to have more authentic experiences of gratitude by noticing when a particular moment touches my heart & taking a pause to embrace it. I offer some ways to mindfully notice points of gratitude throughout your day, when looking back on your life, & even while connecting with past versions of yourself. I also encourage you to give a big round of applause to yourself & to keep in mind that the greatest amount of gratitude you can possess deserves to be directed right back at you.

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