Storytelling is an art as old as time. Before the days of movies, radio, or television the original form of entertainment was telling stories around the fire. Yet despite the numerous means of entertainment that have come about over the centuries, storytelling remains a staple of connection. Not only does sharing stories help bring people together and relate to one another, it’s also a cathartic means of processing and owning our own experiences. My guest this week, Lucia Nazzaro, is an Emmy nominated storyteller and expert who knows all about the value of sharing our stories. Lucia’s work focuses on the realness and struggles of life and how we can live life well, individually and as a society, and let our lights shine through whatever comes our way.

On this guest episode, Lucia shares about her path through music and performance which led to encouraging people to heal through expression. She also tells us about her company, WellSeekers, which through storytelling, education and solutions creates spaces for healing, growing and conversations about holistic mindset changes, holistic mental, emotional and life wellness to help people rise & comeback from whatever comes their way.
Lucia Nazzaro works to create stories and solutions to help individuals & society find their story of well with a special focus on how we can rise and comeback from adversity and issues that challenge our wellbeing and the human spirit. A lover of questions, conversations and solution focused stories and tools, she also is the Founder of WellSeekers, a company, content and podcast dedicated to stories and solutions to find and feel better.