Working towards healing and loving ourselves can be heavy work. It’s wonderful to add some levity once in awhile through laughter and humor. Mix that with some education around our bodies, sex, & sexuality and we may just find ourselves having a pretty good time with this self love and acceptance thing. My guest this week, Melissa Strype, has created fun and beautiful videos and performances based on educating Women on sexual health and embracing our bodies. Mixing comedy with education, Melissa offers an outlet for learning more about our sexuality and how to advocate for ourselves.

On this episode, Melissa and I talk about the stigma that continues to surround sex and prevents Women from understanding their bodies, how to understand & embrace your body, and affirming that it’s OK to have body hair and weird things happening with bodily functions & periods,  and that “you need to wear a condom” is not a debatable statement.

Melissa Strype (@TheBigLissa) is a director, performer and sexual health educator for over a decade, passionate about cultivating community and creating empowering content that helps people feel good about themselves. Melissa makes content at the intersection of comedy and sexual health, with a focus on educational music videos.

You can learn more about Melissa and connect with her here: