We are all constantly seeking balance in our lives both within and without. Yet it can often feel elusive to find this balance between our personal needs,  relationships, life demands, and inner wounds. Jnana Gowan; teacher, ceremonialist, reiki and yoga practitioner, has a deep understanding of the importance of ritual and ceremony to heal and restore harmony. She sees ritual as the language of the Universe and incorporates various clearing and healing practices to allow others to create balance in their lives. On this episode, Jnana and I talk about the personal journey that is life and how we can find a way to truly release the past and move onto new paths while finding our balance point. Jnana  shares  some Shamanic concepts with us such as the Pachakuti and the Andean principle of Ayni.

Jnana Gowan is a Shamanic Hypnosis Practitioner, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, with a background of yoga and Reiki and has
traversed the shamanic healing arts over 25 years. Immersed in earth honoring practices since 2005, she brings her expertise by
creating atmospheres of safety and renewal. She finds great joy sharing the magic of ritual and hypnosis & the profound shifts that occur when there is a willingness to change. Jnana offers private healing sessions and community events as a certified hypnotherapist, shamanic ceremonialist, teacher and community leader in the healing arts. Her work is infused with grounded insight and a strong dose of humor –
both necessary for navigating these rapidly changing times.

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IG: jnana_gowan
You can learn more about Jnana and her work: www.balancepointshamanism.com