Anger is not always the most comfortable emotion. It can feel hot, fiery, overwhelming, & belligerent. At the same time, sometimes anger can feel satisfying if we’re really upset with someone or want to feel self righteous in a situation. Whatever form it comes in, everyone experiences anger at some time or another. Yet anger is also often perceived as inappropriate, dangerous, or unacceptable. And while excessive anger that leaves to violence or destruction may be so, most expressions of anger are natural, healthy, and an important cathartic experience.

On this Identify and heal solo episode, I get into why fully experiencing & expressing our anger is very critical to releasing pent up frustration, hurts, & resentments. Without blowing off this steam as needed, anger can turn to rage which can lead to unfortunate acts and events that feel out of our control. So what is anger exactly? How can we identify the source to reduce the accumulation of it?  Lots to explore and clarify around anger so lets get into it!

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