In many situations It is often the case that the best action is no action. When it is for our highest good to wait and let our emotions settle before we speak or act on how we’re feeling. This power in this pause is a direct demonstration of the Divine Feminine wisdom that honors our higher knowing self rather than out smaller ego self. Waiting until we have a clear head and heart to make decisions, have a conversation, or connect with someone.

On this Identify and Heal solo episode, I offer a few different examples of when it’s best to pause before responding to a situation as well as when taking a pause from certain people or environments in our lives can be beneficial. In addition, I give some tips on how to push through times when we have the urge to act impulsively in a situation, disregarding agreements we’ve made with ourselves and without considering if a choice is helpful or healthy. Nothing wrong with any of the above, it just becomes a matter of what do you really want and if you’re ready to commit to getting there.

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