Every person is unique in how they’ve learned to connect with and attach to others in romantic relationships. Many would say that these attachment styles are developed early on in infancy & childhood and stick with us into later life. Attachment styles impact how we conduct ourselves in our human connections. Many theories have been developed around attachment styles with prominent thought pointing to 4 specific types of attachment, how they form, and how they present themselves.

On this episode, I break down an over view of what attachment styles are and the different types. I then offer examples of each type and share insight into how exploring attachment styles is a helpful tool that sheds light on how we conduct ourselves in relationships . Gaining this greater understanding of our personal attachment style can help us move closer to a secure relationship free from codependency. Where we are able to honor our Divine Feminine self and not be ruled by fears and insecurities.

Types of Attachment Styles:
Safety Security


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