There is a simple question you can ask yourself throughout your day that can help you find greater peace of mind and let go of intrusive thought loops. The question is to ask ourselves, Is That True? Asking this question can allow us to pause and take a second to explore whether or not what we’re telling ourselves about ourselves or deciding to believe about another person or situation is in fact completely accurate or perhaps may be tied to fear or assumptions. Which, by the way, is a pretty brutal combo when you come to assumptions out of fear, perhaps fearing the worst or making rash judgements. It also allows us to enter that Divine Feminine space of stillness, reflection, consideration, and balance. To sit with something rather than act on it impulsively. Then once we’re able to decide if something does indeed feel true for us, we can honor that.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I start by exploring what is Truth itself, how this question of Is That True can be very helpful, and I also get into the work of the wonderful Byron Katie who first inspired me to begin this practice. In her work, she elaborates on additional steps to take that allow for a greater place of inquiry to reduce the distress, anger, and remorse that can result from the blanket statements of declaring something true that may or may not be so.

Byron Katie,

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