Change can be scary. New places, people, and environments can feel so foreign and unfamiliar that it can be tempting to stick to what we know. Yet that field beyond where we feel comfortable is where true change and growth occurs. Eleanor Lumsden knows a great deal about facing that spiritual wilderness you encounter when heading out into the Great Unknown and traversing the planet in search of our true home and soul growth. Eleanor has been traveling the World all of her life and has experienced first hand the remarkable benefits of exploration. She founded The No Sister Stands Alone Travel Club (NOSSA), an online sisterhood where members meet other travelers and receive insider tips to live out their travel dreams safely and on their own terms. Jamaican by birth, a New Yorker at heart, and
Californian by adoption, Eleanor now calls Lisbon home. 

On this episode, Eleanor and I geek out a bit on our love for travel and exchange stories about our current life as adventurers seeking new lands. We discuss how travel is such a powerful agent for personal growth, expanding awareness of other people and cultures, building resilience, and exercising adaptability. We also hit on the challenges of travel such as loneliness, fear, and adjusting to foreign places where everything feels different and unfamiliar. Yet ultimately we agree that overcoming resistance to the unknown and overwhelm of change is what can truly free yourself and align you on the path with other kindred spirits and your Soul’s highest growth. 

Eleanor Lumsden is a California attorney, tenured law professor, and founder of a consulting
firm bearing her name. She teaches strategies to help companies create, sustain, and promote
diverse, equitable and inclusive spaces. Eleanor is passionate about both financial and social
inclusion: she conducts research at the intersection of business, technology, and social justice
at NOVA School of Law in Portugal. Her scholarship has been featured by USA Today and BBC
World News. She is a graduate of NYU Law and Princeton, a former Fulbright Scholar, and
passionate about travel.