The ending of a romantic relationship can be truly and utterly devastating to our system. Our body, mind, and Soul can experience deep pain, suffering, depression, confusion, rumination, and a general sense of despair. Of course all break ups vary in how greatly they impact us yet almost any form of a break up usually comes with some sense of grief, loss, and challenges in moving on and processing the experience. It be helpful to get some insight into what exactly is going on inside our physical and emotional bodies to begin the healing process and find some relief. This is where my lovely guest, Laurie Morse, steps in. As a practitioner, Laurie weaves various combinations of energy medicine, acupuncture, herbal therapy, hormone therapy, and nutritional therapy together with spiritual disciplines, Quantum Qi breath- work, metaphysics, and creative healing programs all as a means to address grief and suffering incurred through loss.

On this episode, Laurie and I focus specially on the experience of a broken heart as the result of a romantic break up and speak generally about the grief process from any form of loss. Laurie shares about how she uses Chinese Medicine & the creative life force, Qi, as a liberator of the heart and how she guides Women to heart health by tapping into their Divine Feminine inner medicine & wellness. We also explore how Women can pursue a path of health, ease, abundance and love to heal their mental, emotional and physical bodies and connect with their own life force to find their way through grief and loss. 

Laurie Morse is the director of Holistic Health Services in San Diego, California, a 30 year private practice dedicated to supporting wholeness (however imperfect) through natural medicine. She began creative healing programs for Women including the companion program to her book, The 7 Failproof Steps to Heart Health, all in service of awakening cellular intelligence to HEAL. And… The Art of Returning to Love – How to Show Fear and Stress the Exit and Heal. She is also the founder and director of Sacred Health Academy, an online journey to bring you mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self into health and well-being.

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