With how prevalent trauma is in the current human experience it’s important to have many insights & understanding into the creation & addressing of trauma. I was very excited to welcome my guest on the show this week, Marc Hauser, PhD, who has gone to great lengths and dedicated countless hours to answer the question; what do you we do about the adverse effects of trauma on the lives of humans?

On this guest episode, Marc shares about his research on trauma and exploring the impact of adverse childhood experiences. Marc distinguishes between adverse childhood experiences, trauma, and resilience & explains why when considering a person’s trauma, we should care about the type of adversity experienced. He tells us about his model or framework that he the Adverse Ts & what’s so important about these Ts. Marc advocates for a toolkit of approaches to treat childhood trauma & discusses many of the personal stories that he has about people in his own life, both family members and students in school, that have shaped his life and work. 


Marc Hauser, PhD, is an educator, neuroscientist, and the founder of Risk Eraser, a program that helps at-risk kids lead healthier lives. Author of Vulnerable Minds; The Harm Of Childhood Trauma & The Hope Of Resilience. He is a former professor of evolutionary biology and psychology at Harvard University and the author of over three hundred papers.