Making the choice to walk the path of the Awakened Heart could be the mantra for Women Waken. Yet it’s not mine to claim. My beautiful guest this week, Jennifer Spor, is the host of The Path Of The Awakened Heart Podcast and she joins us to share what that path means to her. All I can think is, how beautiful is it going to be as more and more of us do decided to walk that path and let our true, authentic, unfiltered, radiant selves been seen?! Jennifer gives us an idea of what that will indeed look like on this episode. Jennifer is a Spiritual advisor, channel, and an Akashic records & trauma-informed master consultant. With her level of connection & wisdom Jennifer has a lot to share about what we’re in for in the coming years!

On this guest episode, Jennifer tells us about her journey of working in corporate to having a dark night of the soul & spiritual awakening which served as a catalyst to align her with her purpose & mission. Jennifer shares about her work as a teacher for high achieving conscious Women. Together we discuss the potential at this time for Women to rise up and bring a beautiful shift to our World when they step into their power with confidence & grace. 

Jennifer Spor is the CEO and Founder of her namesake company and Host of Path of the Awakened Heart podcast. She is a Master Consultant and Teacher for High Achieving Conscious Women Leaders who are here to live unapologetically expressed in their Truth and fulfill their highest destiny in this life, SOUL LED. Despite checking all the boxes off the list of what 3D society teaches it means to achieve success, Jennifer was unfulfilled in her corporate retail career and life, feeling called to make a bigger difference in the world to align her with her purpose and mission supporting others through her sacred work today. Working with Jennifer is highly activating and deeply transformational. Her medicine as a spiritual advisor and clear channel in the Akashic Records combined with her experience as an entrepreneur and corporate operations executive as well as the wisdom she embodies on her own journey supports her clients to collapse space and time to create results so powerful it feels like years of work accomplished in a few sessions.




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