Experiencing a life of joy & fulfillment is the true purpose of life. To know ourselves as a piece of the Universe in all its glory. Yet unfortunately so many of us feel beholded to a life that meets the requirements which we’ve assigned for ourselves. We lose touch with our true desires, passions, and what makes us feel alive. Yet often it’s the case that we have to take a leap of faith out of the comfort of what we know to discover that Divine Feminine experience of full embodiment, love, and to express our true essence.

On this Identify & Heal solo episode I aim to help you consider if there are places in your life where you feel stuck, dissatisfied, or possibly resisting change. This could be due to fear, a sense of needing to follow a conventional path, or just not knowing what else you would do if you left the job, relationship, or life you know behind. I offer some steps to identify what areas of your life might feel stuck and how to begin shifting towards a place of trusting that if you believe, you can have the life that you’ve dreamed about. 

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