Everything is energy. Within our bodies and without, energy makes up everyone and everything. Being able to work with moving, balancing, and unblocking energy is imperative to health, wellbeing, functioning, and Life itself. This is precisely what the wonderful Dr. Davina has created a career around; focusing on the balancing and unblocking of energies. The Yin and the Yang. The expansion and contraction that is Life force. Dr. Davina is an acupuncturist, herbalist, body worker, Qigong practitioner and tai chi instructor who found her way to being a healer due to her own pain and challenges in life. On this episode, we get into a broad range of fabulous topics including how blocked energy is the source of all that ails us, the unsustainable nature of the pure Masculine, exposure to Black Magic, and coming out as our true, authentic, expressive self. 

Dr. Davina became interested in acupuncture after her own struggle with chronic pain, when it helped her go from 3-5 severe migraines a week, to a few mild headaches a month. She graduated top of her class from Five Branches University with a Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine specializing in pain, women’s health and fertility. Additionally, she has studied martial arts for nearly 20 years, training in tai chi with a master in China, and qigong with a master in Malaysia. From her own experience, she emphasizes the connection between mind and body, and empowers patients to take charge of their own health. She’s also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and provides a safe and welcoming space for everyone.