Meloney Hudson sure feels like a kindred soul to me. Her enthusiasm and vibrancy for what she does and for life in general reminds me that it’s OK to let your WHOLE spirit shine. We also have in common the belief for the potential of human beings to be happy, flourishing, and to release the chains of insecurity and low self-esteem that we’ve carried for so long. Meloney considers harnessing the power of our Yonis and owning our feminine prowess to be a great place to start in the process. 

Meloney  is an advocate of women’s empowerment, author, teacher of energetic arts, and documentary producer. She believes self-love is the first step to a more joyful life and a better world.  Meloney is a certified Ipsalu Tantra Teacher, and the author of Sexy, Spirited and Strong: Becoming a Positive Energy Woman and Venus Rising Yoni Yoga: The Multidimensional Practice for Sexual Vitality and Feminine Power. For nearly 20 years Meloney has created and facilitated transformative workshops to help women love themselves and become powerful and positive presences on the planet. She infuses her workshops and classes with practices from Tantra, Taoism, Women’s Spirituality and Spiritual Science.  Meloney is also the producer of Rise of Venus: The Power of the Women’s Spirituality Movement documentary short-subject series and other documentary projects.  

On this episode, we have an impassioned conversation around some of my absolute favorite topic: Women’s true, divine, and inherent power, the epidemic of low self-esteem, The Divine Feminine & self-esteem connection, the essential keys to thriving and success, Women’s sexuality, roles, and supporting one another, and of course asking the overarching question; why are things the way they are and how can they change?

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