All of my offerings aim to guide you toward reconnection, recovery, and embrace of your core self. If you’re unsure what option might best suite you, we can set up a time to connect and help match you with the best fit! For information on my rates for services please contact me directly to discuss in further detail.

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Therapy/Healing Work

For anyone seeking deep and focused healing work and resolution. Whether manifesting as depression, anxiety, stress, anger, disruption in relationships or general life dissatisfaction, I work with the individual to uncover root causes and enable true healing experiencing their true self and full potential. Once roots causes are identified, we can begin the work of healing and creating internal restoration.

Spiritual Guidance

My work as a guide is to help YOU determine your own definition of spirituality and then begin to live it! Spiritual pursuit is all about answering the questions: Who am I? Why am I here?  What are my beliefs about life and myself? What are  my values and my purpose? Why do I repeat the same patterns and is there a way to break out of them? I love helping anyone who is feeling the call to move into inquiries of a spiritual nature to gain a greater understanding of life, themselves, and what truly matters most.

Recovery Coaching

Facing addiction is a courageous and challenging pursuit. As a coach, I’m here to support you wherever you might be on your recovery journey. Whether you’re recovery curious, starting out on your path, or well on your way and seeking a refresh, let’s get you focused! Recovery work is for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, sex and love addiction, codependency, and other forms of addictive behavior.


It is important that clients understand the differences between therapy, coaching, and spiritual guidance.  Coaching, spiritual guidance, and psychotherapy utilize knowledge of human behavior, motivation, and behavioral change, intuition, and interactive counseling techniques. The major differences lie in the goals, emphasis, and level of professional responsibility

Recovery coaching and spiritual guidance assume the relative mental health of the individual.  Coaching and guidance are collaborative processes that emphasizes action, solutions, and creating positive change, both in the present and in the future.  They also place an emphasis on client accountability and a commitment to self-awareness, life enhancement, and intrapersonal growth, and increased personal satisfaction.

Psychotherapy, on the other hand, identifies, diagnoses, and treats mental disorders, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.  Goals in therapy include the alleviation of symptoms, altering dysfunctional patterns involved in various disorders, and coping with psychological distress.

Please understand that recovery coaching sessions or spiritual guidance are not a substitute for psychotherapy or mental health care.  In the event that either the coach or the client recognizes a problem that may be better served by psychotherapy, I will refer you to the appropriate resources.