Do you prefer to have a lot going on around you rather than to be in a still, quiet house? TV on or podcast playing on your phone while you go about chores? Many of us are more comfortable with vibrancy rather than stillness. It can feel too quiet which can sometimes feel lonely. These are normal preferences, neither right nor wrong. Yet is it possible to become a bit dependent on noise, movement, possibly chaos & even dysfunction to feel agreeable? The world within us vibrates at the same frequency as the world around us. If we became accustomed at an early age to being in a household with a lot of yelling fighting, chaos and dysfunction, that could become the state that we feel most comfortable within.

On this episode I explore the concept of being addicted to chaos and dysfunction. This can mean not feeling comfortable in a relationship unless it’s very tumultuous, toxic, or intense. Or always finding yourself in friendships and work environments with a lot of drama or instability. Essentially this comes down to feeling more at home with a nervous system that is dysregulated rather than a regulated system. It is possible to begin to shift into a more stable, peaceful baseline and enjoy healthy relationships and home life. I’ll give you some tips on how to do so and to break the cycle of the addiction to chaos. 

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