It can be helpful to have a guidebook as we travel along our spiritual path. Especially to those newly embarking on the path, a few pointers and insights can be helpful. My guest this week, author Edit B Kiss, went ahead and wrote that guidebook for you. This book is a guide for all the individuals who feel a calling to become a lightworker but do not know where to start. Edit’s book offers practical tools to your journey and key elements that you need to implement to make the process easier. Edit created this book to make sure you get to your destination, do not become discouraged halfway by obstacles and stay protected and healthy on the way. Bon Voyage!

On this episode Edit shares with us about her book and elaborates on some of its concepts including how you can rewrite your past and create a new future, why time doesn’t heal & traumas are buried in the unconscious mind, how triggers are the signs of existing traumas, what makes us our own worst enemy, why mindfulness is key to happiness, the power of transcendental meditation, & how releasing traumas stops triggers and prevents diseases.

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